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Mediumship Readings to Help you Connect 

with your Loved Ones who've Crossed Over

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In England in 2009, Kit and Natalie Mitchell met at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College. From the moment they met, they knew that the universe put them together to work individually and side-by-side. Their passion for providing messages and inspiration from loved ones who've crossed over is apparent in each reading, demonstration, and church service they do. Combined, they have more than four decades of experience and believe that foundational knowledge, practical experience, and, most importantly, a solid connection to spirit are essential for healing and authentic communication. 

Client Testimonial

I’ve had many readings with both Natalie and Kit and they are out of this world incredible!! Accurate, emotionally aware, and empathic— with a tremendous amount of detail.. the most recent reading about my mother’s death truly gave me some much-needed closure and peace about some very troubling feelings of guilt and resistant remorse and sadness. Just knowing that our loved ones are okay and understanding the energy and guidance from the other side— it makes a world of difference. They are not only truly gifted— but centered souls with huge hearts.

Ami M. Savannah, GA

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