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Face-to-Face Readings with Kit Mitchell in Jacksonville

Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Readings to Help you Connect with your Loved Ones who've Crossed Over

Receive messages from your friends and loved ones who have crossed over.

A 30 minute reading with Kit is bound to leave you with a sense of peace, healing, confirmation and validation that your loved ones are still with you.

Kit always communicates whatever Spirit asks him to share. This may not be the message you expect to hear, but it is what those in Spirit world feel will be beneficial to you.  These readings do not cure the grieving process but it greatly assists the healing journey by showing you that your loved ones have transcended their physical death and are still by your side. 

Readings are $65.00 for 30 Minutes - Call 904.868.8772 to schedule your reading.

Please note that readings are for loved ones who have already crossed over, we will not predict or tell you about anyone who is about to take their transition into the sprint world.  The passing of a loved one is personal to everyone involved and we would consider it a total intrusion to any reading.